Afrikaans Engels
analogie analogy
Anatidae Anatidae
Anatomie Anatomy
Anchorage Anchorage
Andalusie Andalusia
Andamanse See Andaman Sea
ander other
anderkant beyond
anders differently
Andes Andes
Andorra Andorra
Andre Andrew
Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson
Andries Andrew
André Andrew
Andy Warhol Andy Warhol
Anemometer Anemometer
Angel-Sakser Anglo-Saxon
Angel-Saksies Anglo-Saxon
angelierroos ligroos pienk pink
Angola Angola
Animalia Animal
animasie animation
animasiea animation the Antarctic
Ankara Ankara
anker anchor
Anorganiese chemie Inorganic chemistry
Anseriformes Anseriformes
Antarktika Antarctic
Antenne Antenna
Antibiotikum Antibiotic
Antigene Antigen
Antigua en Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Antille Antilles
antimoon antimony
Antofagasta Antofagasta
Antoniem Antonym
Antropologie Anthropology
Antwerpen Antwerp
antwoord answer
Anus Anus
apart van separate
aparte separate
apartheid apartheid
Apokalips Apocalypse
Apollo-program Apollo program
appel apple
appelkoos apricot
appelliefie gooseberry
applikant candidate
applikasie application
April April
apteek pharmacy
apteker pharmacist
Apulie Apulia
Arabie Arabia
Arabier Arab
Arabies Arabian
arbeid job
Archimedes Archimedes
ardbewing earthquake
Ardenne Ardennes
arena arena
arend eagle
Areopagus Areopagus
Argentinie Argentina
Argentinië Argentina
Argentyn Argentine
Argentyns Argentine
argeologie archaeology
argief archive
argitek architect
argitektuur architecture
argon argon
argument quarrel
argumenteer maintain
Argus Argus
aria aria
arias aria
Arier Aryan
Aries Aryan
Aristoteles Aristotle
Arizona Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas
Arktiese Oseaan Arctic Ocean
Arles Arles
arm poor
armband bracelet
Armenie Armenia
Armenier Armenian
Armenies Armenian
Armenië Armenia
armhorlosie watch
Armoede Poverty
Arnhem Arnhem
Arpitaans Franco-Provençal
Arras Arras
arriveer get
arseen arsenic
Arthur Conan Doyle Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Schopenhauer Arthur Schopenhauer
artikel article
artisjok artichoke
Aruba Aruba
as like
Asdag Ash Wednesday
asem breathe
asemhaal breathe
Asepoestertjie Cinderella
Asiaat Asian
Asiaties Asiatic
Asie Asia
Asimut Azimuth
Asië Asia
asof in a way
Asoriese Eilande Azores
asseblief please
asseblief? Where is the nearest W.C.
Assirie Assyria
Assirier Assyrian
Assiries Assyrian
assistent assistant
astaat astatine
Astekies Aztec